Official Media Partners 2019
Official Media Partners 2019

Materials Performance
The world’s largest circulation magazine for corrosion professionals, focused exclusively on corrosion prevention and control.

The high-performance coatings industry’s leading magazine for contractors, delivering current information on products, services, tips, and techniques.

The premiere scientific and engineering journal for the latest progress in corrosion control science and technology.

Journal Metalltreyd
Petersburg the first periodical of the new generation for professionals of industrial supply and distribution.


Public industrial electrochemical portal, operating under the patronage of the Union of machine builders of Russia.

Journal “World of electroplating”
Russian edition of the world electroplating and alternative methods


News Agency “Devon” (NA “Devon”, Inform-Devon) — an independent information portal, created to cover the news of oil and related industries, mainly the Volga-Ural oil region.

The scientific journal “Practice of Anticorrosive Protection” (ISSN 1998-5738) has being issued once every three months since 1996. This journal was and remains properly speaking the only Russian journal devoted to the theory and the practice of protection against corrosion of metallic and nonmetallic

materials, engines, equipment and pipelines of fuel and energy complex, municipal housing economy, the different buildings in industry. The articles on energy saving and ecological problems of anticorrosive protection are also published in the journal.

SPHERE. Oil and Gas – all-Russian full-color industry magazine, which publishes technical, analytical, informational and promotional materials of Russian and foreign authors, covering all areas of oil and gas, petrochemical and energy complexes. Produced since 2005.



Expomap – Calendar of international exhibitions in Russia, Europe and the world, search for events by country and city, theme, keywords.


Russia has a powerful oil and gas and energy potential, these industries are attractive for hundreds of thousands of specialists.All these specialists need a platform to exchange views, demonstrate their new products and find partners.
And we created it on the pages of the Federal business magazine “TSR”.
This is a monthly business publication, business magazine, which introduces the development of Russian regions, advanced ideas and technologies, the activities of leading companies, business leaders. For 10 years of successful work there was a certain circle of the readers loyal to the edition who regularly
address to the magazine as a source of information and the channel of advance of the company. -professional online platform for all participants of the market of paints and anticorrosion protection: manufacturers and suppliers of paints; consumers of paints; suppliers of chemical raw materials; manufacturers of painting works; suppliers of painting equipment. – we help to find and choose suppliers of paint and protective coatings!

The journal and portal “Chemical engineering” for more than 15 years is a cross-industry platform for discussing topical issues of the use of domestic and foreign equipment for chemical, oil refining, gas and other industries, the latest achievements in this field. The portal occupies a leading place among industrial journals in terms of attendance and visibility in search engines.
The issues of modernization and repair, strength and reliability, industrial ecology, corrosion control, methods of control and diagnostics of resource saving and other urgent problems are covered.
Official information partner of the Council of chief mechanics, the Council of chief metrologists, the Council of chief power engineers of the
oil refining and petrochemical industries.

Neftegaz.RU is a printed business magazine. Produced since 2007 and in a short time became one of the leaders in the industry. Competently and professionally covers the key problems of the fuel and energy complex. It contains extensive data on modern and advanced equipment, examples of the use of new technologies, reports from industry events, etc.
Magazine materials are prepared in collaboration with experts from leading domestic and foreign companies.
The magazine has a wide geography of distribution, being a member of many industry events.


Professional magazine and portal ” “ covers events in the world of shipping, shipbuilding and ship repair. Internet-portal and magazine “the ” is focused on shipbuilders and shipowners, specialists of scientific and educational institutions, workers of ports, manufacturers of marine equipment. It will also be of interest to all who are not indifferent to the marine theme. Full-color journal consisting of 100 pages coming out with a frequency of 4 times per year.