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July 23, 2022
Dear participants, colleagues, friends!
Traditionally, the Conference “Corrosion In The Oil & Gas Industry” — Corrosion Oil&Gas was international. We are proud of it and believe that such a tradition should be preserved. Unfortunately, in the light of the political situation, the pressure exerted by the countries of Europe and the United States, our foreign participants cannot take part in the conference this year, despite their great desire.
In this regard, we decided to postpone the event to a later date. Now our team is rethinking the format of the conference, negotiations are underway with participants from friendly countries in order to make the event really interesting and useful for all participants.
We ask you to understand this decision. We will also be extremely grateful if you could send us your suggestions on the format of the conference – what would you like from us in the new format, what you lacked earlier.
With sincere respect,
Organizing Committee of the conference

September 14, 2021
The final Conference Program is published here.





July 16, 2021
Dear participants!

You can get acquainted with the requirements of the journals by clicking on the link:
1. The Corrosion Engineering, Science and Technology journal, Maney Publishing, UK, Q2
2. Materials physics and mechanics, Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University


May 24, 2021
We are pleased to inform you about the opening of the abstracts  reception for presentation at the conference. Abstracts can be submitted through the participant’s personal account after registration for the conference.
Abstract submission deadline: May 24-June 19, 2021.
To register for the conference, follow the link to the registration form.

February 17, 2021
The online voting conducted by the Conference Organizing Committee showed that it would be more convenient for the majority of participants and partners to attend the conference in the fall of 2021. This is due to both the current local constraints and the expectations of the participants to improve the epidemiological situation.

In this regard, we are pleased to inform you of the approved dates of the conference: September 15-17, 2021.

August 20, 2020
Dear participants!
Based on information received from key partners of the conference and their restrictions on participation in face-to-face events, the organizing Committee is forced to make a difficult decision to cancel the conference on October 14-16, 2020 and postpone it to May 2021. The exact dates of the conference will be announced in the autumn.
Despite the decline in the epidemic, it became clear that most participants will not be able to attend the event in October. Currently, our efforts and time are now focused on rescheduling all orders to new dates. All tickets and seats are reserved for participants and partners, and additional time will allow us to further fill the program and expand the exhibition.

July 07, 2020
The deadline for submitting articles has been extended until August 20, 2020.
The articles will be published in the electronic Journal indexed in the Scopus database E3S Web of Conferences
You can see all the requirements for the article here:
To download an Editorial guidelines
To download a Guide
To download a Template
Please follow the requirements of the Journal. All articles will be reviewed by scientific and technical experts, and will also be checked for compliance with the format.
Individual articles will be published in the journal Corrosion Engineering, Science and Technology
The International Journal of Corrosion Processes and Corrosion Control

March 23, 2020
Dear colleagues!
As you know, there is a difficult epidemiological situation in the world. In response, the international community has developed a position aimed at preserving the health and well-being of all. In accordance with the Decree of the Saint Petersburg Government No. 127 of 18.03.2020, all planned public events with more than 50 participants are suspended in our city until further decree, and any business trips are not recommended. In compliance with the Resolution and understanding its own social responsibility, the Organizing Committee of the Conference decided to postpone the conference to October 14-16, 2020.
All submitted applications and paid fees will be valid for the new dates.
If the new dates do not suit you, or you decide to cancel your participation for any reason, you will be refunded less actual expenses incurred and bank fees.
We look forward to seeing you at the conference in October 14-16, 2020. Our program will expand, and a forced break will unite our community!
With respect, Organizing Committee

March 04, 2020
The reception of articles began.
Deadline for submission of articles : April 1, 2020
The requirements for registration can be found at the link:
Rules for accepting articles


February 01, 2020
By popular requests of participants, the organizing Committee of the II International
conference “Corrosion in the oil and gas industry” (may 20-22, 2020,
St. Petersburg) decided to extend the deadline for accepting abstracts for 1 month.

The deadline is February 29, 2020.


November 27, 2019

Valery Falkov, Rector of Tyumen State University – Director of the world-class Scientific and educational center,
created within the framework Of the national project “Science”, joined the organizing Committee of the conference


October 15, 2019
The articles of participants of the conference “CORROSION OIL&GAS 2020” were published on the website
of electronic journal E3S Web of  Conferences Volume 121 (2019), indexed in Scopus.
More than 100 articles have been published on five topics: corrosion monitoring, corrosion protection,
analysis of the causes of failure, selection and design of materials, technical information.

In order to view Volume 121 (2019) of the journal with the proceedings of the conference, follow the link…

October 9, 2019
The Eurocorr 2019 conference was held in Seville.
Members of the organizing Committee of the conference” Corrosion in the oil and gas industry ” attended the annual conference organized by the European corrosion Federation. The conference brought together more than 1200 participants, addressing almost all issues related to corrosion protection.

Within the framework of the conference program, a workshop “Russia-EFC” was held, which raised issues of cooperation, training of young scientists and engineers dealing with corrosion problems, as well as the organization of a workshop of the European Federation of corrosion at the conference Corrosion Oil and gas 2020 – from 20 to 22 may.


July 12, 2019
We are pleased to inform about the opening of online registration for the II International conference “Corrosion in the oil and gas industry – CORROSION OIL&GAS 2020”, which will be held from 20 to 22 may 2020.

Abstracts are accepted for presentation at the conference. Abstracts can be submitted through the participant’s personal account after registration for the conference.To register for the conference, follow the link to the registration form…



May 31, 2019
International Conference “CORROSION IN the OIL and gas INDUSTRY” — Corrosion Oil&Gas has successfully took place in St. Petersburg

More than 350 specialists took part in the first International Conference “CORROSION IN the oil and GAS INDUSTRY”, which was held in St. Petersburg on may 22-24, 2019 at Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University. The event was organized by the Polytechnic University and NACE International — the world’s largest and most famous Association for combating corrosion.

Representatives of the largest oil and gas and oil service companies, metallurgical plants, equipment manufacturers, scientific and engineering organizations met for the first time in Russia at one site. The conference gathered more than 350 participants, including about 100 foreign experts from more than 15 countries. There were technical departments TO PJSC “Gazprom”, JSC “Gazpromneft”, JSC “NK “Rosneft”, JSC “Transneft”, PJSC “LUKOIL” among the participants.

The conference included reports on the following topics: Analysis of the causes of destruction, Cathodic protection, Corrosion at oil refineries and petrochemical plants, Corrosion mechanisms and test methods, corrosion Monitoring, Marine corrosion, Coatings and inhibitors, well Construction and operation, Pipeline transport.

July 12, 2019

April 15, 2019
The preliminary program of the conference was formed.
The latest version can be viewed here.


April 8, 2019
The NACE International CEO Robert Chalker and NACE International President Donald Terry Greenfield will be attending the conference. Donald Terry Greenfield will make a plenary talk.


March 1, 2019
Due to the large number of applications from participants, the organizing Committee decided to extend the deadline for abstract submission to
March 15, 2019.

February 11, 2019
Due to the great interest in the topic, it was decided to include in the program the workshop on the topic “Corrosion education and certification”. The topics to be discussed – current demand for the corrosion education, new standards for the corrosion education, standartization in corrosion, etc.

February 5, 2019
Professor Damien Féron, (past president of EFC) will represent the European Federation of corrosion on the conference. He will make a presentation about EFC ,
its objectives and history.


January 15, 2019
Welcome to our new Organizing Committee members: NACE International: Jeff Didas (President), Terry Greenfield (Vice President), Amir Elizer (European Area Director), Robert Chalker (CEO), Buddy Reams (Chief Maritime Officer), Kamal Taher (Director, Global Operations)

January 10, 2019
Welcome to our new Program Committee members: Helmuth Sarmiento Klapper (Baker Hughes), Simon Webster (BP), Colin Bennett (Elcometer), Selim Mahmoud (Egyptian Maintenance Company), Arie Dam (NV Nederlandse), Ali Hamad Al-Shawaf (SABIC), Manoj Abraham (Hempel Paints), Barinder Ghai (Sandvik)

January 07, 2019
Due to the great interest in the topic, it was decided to include in the program the workshop on the topic “Advances in hydrogen embrittlement study”. The work will be headed by Vladimir Polyansky, doctor, professor, member of the program committee.

December 14, 2018
Evgeny N. Kablov , General Director of All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Aviation Materials, Academician of RAS, Professor, has supported the Conference organization and joined the Conference Organizing Committee.



December 11, 2018
Aleksey S. Oryshchenko, General Director of NRC “Kurchatov Institute” – CRISM “Prometey”, has joined the Conference Organizing Committee and held the chair of the session “Marine corrosion”.



December 07, 2018
Abstract submission is available after December 12, 2018 by email to: corrosion@spbstu.ruTo download an Abstract Template.
Conference proceedings are indexed in Scopus и Web of Science.

December 04, 2018
Europeen Federation of Corrosion (EFC) joined the list of the Conference organizers. The EFC is a federation of 38 organisations (Member Societies and Affiliate Members) with interests in corrosion based in 25 different countries within Europe and beyond. Taken together, its Member Societies represent the corrosion interests of more than 25,000 engineers and scientists. Founded in 1955, its aim is to advance the science of the corrosion and protection of materials by promoting cooperation in Europe and collaboration internationally. The EFC is registered in Belgium.

Corrosion Oil&Gas 2019 is icluded in the EFC Calendar of Events

December 03, 2018  
Alexey Zelenin, General Manager of the Management Department of oil production and maintenance work (LUKOIL), has joined the Conference Organizing Committee



November 30, 2018  
Maxim Nedzvetsky, General Director of the All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Natural Gases and Gas Technologies (VNIIGAZ), has supported the Conference organization during the meeting at St.Petersburg Polytechnic University. Mr Nedzvetsky has joined the Conference Organizing Committee and confirmed participation of the VNIIGAZ’ leading specialists.