preview Outcomes of the Conference - 2021

Dear Colleagues!

We invite you to the III International Conference “Corrosion and New materials in the Oil and Gas industry”, which will be held May 24-26, 2023 in St. Petersburg!

The first conference was organized in 2019 in cooperation with NACE International, the oil and gas materials lawmakers, and became a landmark event on the international agenda, included in the list of official events of the European Corrosion Federation, and attracted more than 350 participants from 20 countries.

The second conference was organized in 2021 and included more than 100 reports in eight sections and round tables.

Why did we change the Conference name?
Obviously, it is impossible to talk about corrosion protection without touching on certain aspects of the technology of the materials used. Since the purpose of the conference is to discuss ways to improve the reliability and economic efficiency of hydrocarbon production, transport and processing, it is correct to consider the problem more comprehensively.

What’s new?
We have changed the format of reports: the time of the report will be shorter, the time for discussion will be more. There will be seminars and open lectures, refresher courses.
We are ready to consider your ideas of formats, sections and other suggestions to improve our conference.

Will there be publications on the results?
It’s not clear yet. Due to the policy of unfriendly countries, we are very limited in publishing in publications in English. Now we are discussing the possibility of publishing with several Russian journals.

Is online participation possible?
Yes, there is an opportunity to participate online – for both speakers and listeners.

How much does participation cost?
The cost of participation is from 49,000 rubles up to 55,000 rubles, a preferential price is provided for universities and state institutions, including the Russian Academy of Sciences – 10,000 rubles. The number of privileged participants is limited.