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January 10, 2019
Welcome to our new Program Committee members: Helmuth Sarmiento Klapper (Baker Hughes), Simon Webster (BP), Colin Bennett (Elcometer), Selim Mahmoud (Egyptian Maintenance Company), Arie Dam (NV Nederlandse), Ali Hamad Al-Shawaf (SABIC), Manoj Abraham (Hempel Paints), Barinder Ghai (Sandvik)

January 07, 2019
Due to the great interest in the topic, it was decided to include in the program the workshop on the topic “Advances in hydrogen embrittlement study”. The work will be headed by Vladimir Polyansky, doctor, professor, member of the program committee.

December 14, 2018
Evgeny N. Kablov , General Director of All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Aviation Materials, Academician of RAS, Professor, has supported the Conference organization and joined the Conference Organizing Committee.



December 11, 2018
Aleksey S. Oryshchenko, General Director of NRC “Kurchatov Institute” – CRISM “Prometey”, has joined the Conference Organizing Committee and held the chair of the session “Marine corrosion”.



December 07, 2018
Abstract submission is available after December 12, 2018 by email to: corrosion@spbstu.ruTo download an Abstract Template.
Conference proceedings are indexed in Scopus и Web of Science.

December 04, 2018
Europeen Federation of Corrosion (EFC) joined the list of the Conference organizers. The EFC is a federation of 38 organisations (Member Societies and Affiliate Members) with interests in corrosion based in 25 different countries within Europe and beyond. Taken together, its Member Societies represent the corrosion interests of more than 25,000 engineers and scientists. Founded in 1955, its aim is to advance the science of the corrosion and protection of materials by promoting cooperation in Europe and collaboration internationally. The EFC is registered in Belgium.

Corrosion Oil&Gas 2019 is icluded in the EFC Calendar of Events

December 03, 2018  
Alexey Zelenin, General Manager of the Management Department of oil production and maintenance work (LUKOIL), has joined the Conference Organizing Committee



November 30, 2018  
Maxim Nedzvetsky, General Director of the All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Natural Gases and Gas Technologies (VNIIGAZ), has supported the Conference organization during the meeting at St.Petersburg Polytechnic University. Mr Nedzvetsky has joined the Conference Organizing Committee and confirmed participation of the VNIIGAZ’ leading specialists.